so we do have photos of my parents’

so we do have photos of my parents’

My parents got married in the late ’80s in a small church in southern New Jersey. It was the heyday of puffy sleeves and outrageously colored bridesmaids’ dresses, and their photographer captured all of that wonderfulness in a series of posed, very serious photos up at the church altar.

Despite what sounds like a lovely church ceremony and reception at a VFW hall, if you get my mom started on the topic of her wedding,六开彩开奖现场直播挂牌 百度, she only wants to talk about one thing and one thing only: the quality of their photographer.

Apparently, the guy my Opa hired was…subpar. After snapping the usual photos of the wedding party and families at the church, he spent the rest of the night with his camera propped up against the reception bar while he tossed back beers. Over 25 years later, my mom is still so displeased* by her lazy photographer that she reminds me (usually four or five times a year, starting from the age when I was first able to understand words) that when I get married, the most important thing is to hire a good photographer.

She even mentioned it to Mr. Feather the first time she met him, so it’s become a bit of a running joke between us. Find a good photographer, or forever suffer hearing “I told you so!” from Mom Feather.

I don’t know if it was Mom Feather’s wedding photography rants while I was growing up or just my personal view that a good photo is one of the most stunning and complex forms of art, but photography is a big priority for the Feather wedding.

Our first step was to narrow in on a style. I went into our search thinking that good photography was good photography, but found that it was a lot more complicated than that. After looking through 20+ portfolios, I had a pretty good idea of the five basic styles we had to choose from.

A note to my fellow PNW brides: all of the photographers in this post are based in Seattle or the surrounding area.?

First up: The Instagram Filter?

Image by One Love Photo

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I found Instagram filter-esque photography so appealing at first glance. There’s something about it that looks so…artistic, and there’s a lot of demand for this style these days. My biggest issue with it is that while it looks cool now, I don’t want my grandkids wondering why our wedding photos looked like they came out of a smartphone app.

Second: The Photojournalist

Image by Keith Daigle

Raw and honest, the photojournalist is skilled at capturing photos that would look at home on the front page of the NYT. I like the skills that go along with this style, namely getting good candid photos, but I’m not a fan of the documentary style itself. Who are those random people walking around?

Third: The Nature?Lover

Image by Ryan Flynn Photography

This style of photography,东海县文联、市摄影家协会在大会长进行了教训交换, usually involving sweeping landscapes and artfully posed hipsters, is pretty prevalent on the West Coast. If you’ve got a lot of beautiful landscapes, why not take advantage of it with someone who knows how to pose you in the great outdoors?

Fourth: The Kodachrome Aficionado?

Image by Affinity Photography

Kodachrome was one of the first types of color film and the first, to my knowledge, to deliver truly bright color photos. This style is the polar opposite of the Instagram Hipster: instead of muted sepia tones, you get bright colors that pop in a way Mr. Feather thought was reminiscent of National Geographic. This style was a definite favorite.

Fifth: The High Fashion

Image by La Vie Photography

Stunningly posed, this style reminded me a lot of fashion photography. The colors are bright but not as bright as the Kodachrome style, and good use of light is key. This style was my personal favorite.

Of course, not every photographer fits neatly into one of these categories. Most seemed to be a mix of two or more. The more I went through websites and sample images, however, the more I saw at least one of these styles reflected in every photographer’s work.

As for Mr. Feather and me, we spent two consecutive nights just looking through portfolios trying to narrow down our options. I probably spent twice that amount of time finding local photographers for us to review. Next up: our top three photography choices and how we made a final decision on who to hire for the big day.

Did you think about style at all before choosing your wedding photographer?

*Fortunately, one of my Opa’s coworkers had a good camera on hand, and so did a few relatives, so we do have photos of my parents’ wedding reception. Just none from the person who was supposed to be responsible for taking them.

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